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Explanation of Mistakes that Horse Owners Make

Mistake # 1 – Assuming you can mount any horse

Each animal is very different from another animal. Some animals can easily be mounted on without difficulty which makes other people green with envy especially if you are a first time horse rider. Horses that just let anybody ride them are usually mature horses as they have been completely broken and are familiar with human behavior. Younger horses are difficult to ride except when they have been broken.

Mistake # 2 – Assuming that there is only one particular way to train a horse

As soon as an experienced animal owner begins having difficulty with their horse, they will wonder and search answers as to what is wrong with their training. The first source that they will look into is books. If the author clarifies a training technique, the new horse owner accepts that this is acceptable and is practiced by the majority of horse trainers. Upon testing the technique and the new horse owner can not seem to make their horse to obey, the owner supposes that his horse is slow and can not be trained. If one technique seems to be ineffective, try a different approach and use several books and videos for reference.

Mistake # 3 – Seldom riding the horse.

New animal owners may encounter behavioral problems with their horse and think that their horse is in a bad mood. The reason behind is that they seldom ride their horses. Horses need to be ridden more often to become an excellent riding horse. Do your best to ride your horse as often as possible. A riding exercise will do your horse a lot of good as it exercises his muscles, adds diversity to his surroundings and combats boredom.

Mistake # 4 – Believing that a problem is caused by the horse.

Horses are different from the other animal as they have also their own problems. Some of the problems which you may encounter with your horse are not his really his fault but the owner’s oversight. When a problem comes up with your horse, think and evaluate the situation. It is a possibility that you do not have enough authority over him for you and your horse to work effectively as a team. There are several options in gaining control over your horse. Try experimenting with different techniques until you find what works best.

Mistake # 5 – The horse owner have insufficient understanding of their horses.

Horses are not hunters but animals of prey meaning they flee whenever a situation frightens or alarms them. As with other animals of their kind, they use their inherent characteristic to flee as a means of survival. To change this “flight instinct” from your horse needs perseverance and persistence.

Mistake # 6 – Every interaction you give your horse is a coaching experience.

You may not be aware of this but by simply petting, tending and grooming your animal is considered training for him. Even the act of training with a lead rope has an effect on your horse. Being a novice in this field, whatever you do to your horse has an effect on him just like an adult caring for a child.

Mistake # 7 – Novice horse owners are unaware on the importance of proper riding skills

It is advisable for novice animal owners to have proper education, training and further develop their riding skills. Horses respond to the rider’s subtle body language such as leg pressure, how you settle on the saddle and how calm or nervous the rider is. Horses can “feel” and read your behavior. As such, it is vital to know proper riding skills.

To be get the most out of your horse and be on the advantage, you have to be perceptive and understand his behavior. Taking riding lessons in advance would be beneficial for both you and your horse. Understanding and learning to read your horse’s behavior and regularly riding him will eventually add up to have an excellent riding horse.
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